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Microbial alkaline proteases: Optimization of production parameters and their properties

Sharma, Kanupriya Miglani, Kumar, Rajesh, Panwar, Surbhi, Kumar, Ashwani
Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Print) 2017 v.15 no.1 pp. 115-126
amino acids, detergents, environmental factors, industrial applications, leather, markets, microorganisms, pH, peptides, proteinases, proteins, reports, solid state fermentation, temperature
Proteases are hydrolytic enzymes capable of degrading proteins into small peptides and amino acids. They account for nearly 60% of the total industrial enzyme market. Proteases are extensively exploited commercially, in food, pharmaceutical, leather and detergent industry. Given their potential use, there has been renewed interest in the discovery of proteases with novel properties and a constant thrust to optimize the enzyme production. This review summarizes a fraction of the enormous reports available on various aspects of alkaline proteases. Diverse sources for isolation of alkaline protease producing microorganisms are reported. The various nutritional and environmental parameters affecting the production of alkaline proteases in submerged and solid state fermentation are described. The enzymatic and physicochemical properties of alkaline proteases from several microorganisms are discussed which can help to identify enzymes with high activity and stability over extreme pH and temperature, so that they can be developed for industrial applications.