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The effect of 5-sulfo salicylic acid application during pre- and postharvest on quality of lilium (Lilium longiflorum) cut flowers

Hajizadeh, H. S.
Acta horticulturae 2016 no.1131 pp. 49-56
Lilium longiflorum, chlorophyll, cut flowers, floriculture, flowers, hydrogen peroxide, industry, leaves, longevity, preservatives, salicylic acid, storage quality, vase life, water uptake
Quality and vase life of cut flowers are affected by tremendous pre- and postharvest factors. According to the short-lasting life and importance of lilium (Lilium longiflorum) in floriculture and cut flowers industry, a lot of studies were carried out to find the optimum environmental, nutritional and storability conditions of lilies. Today, using of salicylic acid and its derivate is increasing through the world and their potential in extending vase life and quality of cut flowers has been demonstrated. So, the study was performed with 5-sulfo salicylic acid in 1.5- and 3-mM concentrations as spray on mother plants and then their cut flowers stored in 5-sulfo salicylic acid preservatives with the same concentrations using a completely randomized design with a factorial arrangement. Then the interaction effects of physiological and biochemical parameters on flowers were studied. Results showed that the amount of malondialdehide was less in flowers stored in 1.5 mM 5-sulfo salicylic acid solutions either pre-treated with distilled water or 1.5 mM 5-sulfo salicylic acid. In the flowers treated with 1.5 mM 5-sulfo salicylic acid pre- and postharvest, petal membranes were more stable than controls about 4.15-fold. Among all parameters just leaf chlorophyll was affected by pre-application of 3 mM 5-sulfo salicylic acid. The most amount of H2O2 and the least water uptake belonged to the control. The most effective treatment on vase life was 1.5 mM pre- and post-application of 5-sulfo salicylic acid with 8 days compared to controls with 6 days longevity. Although pre-spraying mother plants with low concentrations is effective in whole quality of cut flowers, the effect of post application of 5-sulfo salicylic acid in preservative solutions is rather to pre-treatment of plants and totally the inhibitory effects of high levels of 5-sulfo salicylic acid (3 mM) was clear.