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Optimization of the micro-propagation protocol of two native rose species of Iran (Rosa canina and Rosa beggeriana)

Davoudi Paknekolayi, M., Tehranifar, A., Samiei, L., Shoor, M.
Acta horticulturae 2016 no.1131 pp. 87-96
Rosa canina, indole butyric acid, kinetin, micropropagation, naphthaleneacetic acid, rooting, Iran
In this study the optimization of the micro-propagation protocols of two native rose species (Rosa canina and Rosa beggeriana) are reported. For the propagation of R. beggeriana, different concentrations of BAP, kinetin and TDZ in VS medium was investigated, however, the proliferation of R. canina in VS and MS medium with BAP, GA3 and NAA were evaluated. The results showed that R. beggeriana highly propagates in VS medium with 0.5 mg L-1 BAP and 0.1 mg L-1 NAA and is best rooted in 0.9 mg L-1 IBA in half strength VS medium while the highest proliferation rate of R. canina is obtained in VS medium with 2 mg L-1 and 0.1 mg L-1 NAA and the best rooting occurres in ½ VS medium with 0.6-0.9 mg L-1 IBA or NAA.