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LncRNA TUG1 sponges microRNA-9 to promote neurons apoptosis by up-regulated Bcl2l11 under ischemia

Chen, Shengcai, Wang, Mengdie, Yang, Hang, Mao, Ling, He, Quanwei, Jin, Huijuan, Ye, Zi-ming, Luo, Xue-ying, Xia, Yuan-peng, Hu, Bo
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2017 v.485 no.1 pp. 167-173
apoptosis, brain, carotid arteries, ischemia, microRNA, models, neurons, rats, stroke
Emerging studies have illustrated that LncRNAs TUG1 play critical roles in multiple biologic processes. However, the LncRNA TUG1 expression and function in ischemic stroke have not been reported yet. In this study, we found that LncRNA TUG1 expression was significantly up-regulated in brain ischemic penumbra from rat middle carotid artery occlusion (MCAO) model, while similar results were also observed in cultured neurons under oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) insult. Knockdown of TUG1 decreased the ratio of apoptotic cells and promoted cells survival in vitro, which may be regulated by the elevated miRNA-9 expression and decreased Bcl2l11 protein. Furthermore, TUG1 could directly interact with miR-9 and down-regulating miR-9 could efficiently reverse the function of TUG1 on the Bcl2l11 expression.In summary, our result sheds light on the role of LncRNA TUG1 as a miRNA sponge for ischemic stroke, possibly providing a new therapeutic target in stroke.