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Preparation of pure chitosan film using ternary solvents and its super absorbency

Wang, Xuejun, Lou, Tao, Zhao, Wenhua, Song, Guojun
Carbohydrate polymers 2016 v.153 pp. 253-257
acetic acid, chitosan, dioxane, medicine, microstructure, pH, solvents, temperature
Chemical modification and graft copolymerization were commonly adopted to prepare super absorbent materials. However, physical microstructure of pure chitosan film was optimized to improve the water uptake capacity in this study. Chitosan films with micro-nanostructure were prepared by a ternary solvent system. The optimal process parameters are 1% acetic acid water solution: dioxane: dimethyl sulfoxide=90: 2.5: 7.5 (v/v/v) with chitosan concentration at 1.25% (w/v). The water uptake capacity of the chitosan film prepared under the optimal process parameters was 896g/g. The prepared chitosan films also exhibited high water uptake capacity in response to external stimuli such as temperature, pH and salt. This finding may provide another way for improving the water absorbency. The pure chitosan film may find potential applications especially in the fields of hygienic products and biomedicine due to its super water absorbency and nontoxicity.