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The release kinetics of β-carotene nanocapsules/xanthan gum coating and quality changes in fresh-cut melon (cantaloupe)

Zambrano-Zaragoza, María L., Quintanar-Guerrero, David, Del Real, Alicia, Piñon-Segundo, Elizabeth, Zambrano-Zaragoza, José F.
Carbohydrate polymers 2017 v.157 pp. 1874-1882
beta-carotene, cantaloupes, coatings, firmness, fresh-cut produce, nanocapsules, nanospheres, physicochemical properties, storage time, xanthan gum
The main aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of the β-carotene release rate from nanocapsules incorporated into a xanthan gumcoating on the physical and physicochemical properties of fresh-cut melon (var. cantaloupe). Several coatings were studied: xanthan gum alone (XG), xanthan gum combined with nanocapsules (Ncs/XG), xanthan gum combined with nanospheres (Nsp/XG), nanocapsules (Ncs), and nanospheres (Nsp), all of which were compared to untreated fresh-cut melon in order to determine their preservation efficiency. The β-carotene release profiles from the Ncs and Ncs/XG treatments corresponded better to a Higuchi-type behavior (t1/2) for matrix systems (R2>0.95). Also observed was a good correlation between the release of β-carotene by the Ncs/XG treatment and the minor changes observed in the whiteness index (≤10%) and firmness (≤2%). These results lead to the conclusion that incorporating β-carotene nanocapsules into a polysaccharide matrix improves the properties of the coatings, thereby increasing storage time to 21days at 4°C.