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Estimation of CO2 diffusion coefficient at 0-10 cm depth in undisturbed and tilled soils

Jabro, Jay D., Sainju, Upendra M., Stevens, William B., Evans, Robert G.
Archiv für Acker- und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde 2012 v.58 no.1 pp. 1
carbon dioxide, conventional tillage, diffusivity, equations, malting barley, methane, models, porosity, porous media, soil air, soil density, soil quality, soil water, soil water content, soil water retention, soil-atmosphere interactions, vapors
Diffusion coefficients (D) of CO2 at 0–10 cm layers in undisturbed and tilled soil conditions were estimated using the Penman (Penman HL. 1940. Gas and vapor movement in soil, 1. The diffusion of vapours through porous solids. J Agric Sci. 30:437–463), Millington–Quirk (Millington RJ, Quirk JP. 1960. Transport in porous media. In: Van Baren FA, editor. Transactions of the 7th International Congress of Soil Science. Vol. 1. Amsterdam: Elsevier. p. 97–106), Ridgwell et al. (Ridgwell AJ, Marshall SJ, Gregson K. 1999. Consumption of atmospheric methane by soils: A process-based model. Global Biogeochem Cy. 13:59–70), Troeh et al. (Troeh FR, Jabro JD, Kirkham D. 1982. Gaseous diffusion equations for porous materials. Geoderma. 27:239–258) and Moldrup et al. (Moldrup P, Kruse CW, Rolston DE, Yamaguchi T. 1996. Modeling diffusion and reaction in soils: III. Predicting gas diffusivity from the Campbell soil–water retention model. Soil Sci. 161:366–375) models. Soil bulk density and volumetric soil water content (θv) at 0–10 cm were measured on 14 April, 2 June and 12 July 2005 at 0–10 cm depth in no-till (NT) and conventional till (CT) malt barley and undisturbed soil grass–alfalfa (UGA) systems. Air-filled porosity (ε) was calculated from total soil porosity and θv measurements. Both soil air porosity and estimated CO2 diffusivity at the 0–10 cm depth were significantly affected by tillage. Results of CO2 diffusion coefficients in the soil followed trends similar to those for soil ε data. The CT tended to have significantly greater estimated soil CO2 diffusion coefficients than the NT and UGA treatments. The relationship between D/D 0, and air-filled porosity was well described by a power (R 2 = 0.985) function. The model is useful for predicting CO2 gas-diffusion coefficients in undisturbed and tilled soils at various ranges of ε where actual gas D measurements are time-consuming, costly and infeasible.