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Analysis of CO2 utilization for methanol synthesis integrated with enhanced gas recovery

Luu, Minh Tri, Milani, Dia, Abbas, Ali
Journal of cleaner production 2016 v.112 pp. 3540-3554
carbon dioxide, energy, methane, methanol, models, natural gas, oil fields
This paper investigates a methanol (MeOH) synthesis route based on CO2 utilization integrated with enhanced gas recovery (EGR) and geo-sequestration (e.g. depleted gas wells near EGR unit). A key driver behind this work is the need to understand the proposed MeOH synthesis route in relation to the dynamics of the CO2 breakthrough phenomenon associated with EGR. The performance of the proposed MeOH synthesis is evaluated via model analysis of various process flowsheet configurations and reported in terms of CH4 intensity, CO2 intensity, thermal energy intensity, methanol productivity and CO2 uptake flexibility. It is found that the proposed MeOH scheme can effectively consume natural gas (NG) with relatively high CO2 content (up to 23.2% mole). Simulation results show that the proposed MeOH synthesis process configuration, utilizing EGR and using CO2 geo-sequestration and utilization components, results in the highest CO2 abatement intensity (45.5%) among other comparable scenarios investigated here.