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Coupled ESR and U-series dating of fossil teeth from Yiyuan hominin site, northern China

Han, Fei, Sun, Chengkai, Bahain, Jean-Jacques, Zhao, Jianxin, Lin, Min, Xing, Song, Yin, Gongming
Quaternary international 2016 v.400 pp. 195-201
Homo, fossils, mammals, models, teeth, China
Coupled ESR and U-series analyses of mammalian fossil teeth were carried out on two localities of Yiyuan hominin site (Locality 1 and 3) in northern China. The U-migration history of the fossil samples could be reconstructed by the combination of the two techniques, and overcome the limitation of stand-alone ESR and U-series age estimation. We obtained a combined ESR/U-series age (AU model) range from ∼420 to 320 ka from nine teeth recovered from the two localities, which pinpoints the deposition of hominin layer of Yiyuan site to MIS 11 to 9. The age results in this study places Yiyuan site at the same time range of Zhoukoudian Locality 1 and Hexian Homo erectus sites. Comparing with other hominin sites, this study of Yiyuan Homo erectus site highlights the possibility of coexistence between Homo erectus and archaic H. sapiens in China.