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CIPK7 is involved in cold response by interacting with CBL1 in Arabidopsis thaliana

Huang, Conglin, Ding, Shuo, Zhang, Hua, Du, Hang, An, Lizhe
Plant science 2011 v.181 no.1 pp. 57-64
Arabidopsis thaliana, affinity chromatography, calcium, cold, cold stress, mutants, protein kinases, proteins
The family of calcineurin B-like (CBL) proteins is a unique group of Ca²⁺ sensors in plants. CBLs relay the calcium signal by interacting with and regulating the family of CBL-interacting protein kinases (CIPKs). Extensive studies have demonstrated that the CBL–CIPK complexes mediate plant responses to a variety of external stresses. However, there are few reports on the CBL–CIPK involved in cold stress responses. In this study, we analyzed expression of CIPK7 and CBL1 in Arabidopsis during cold treatments. Expression of CIPK7 was induced by cold, and CIPK7 interacted with CBL1 in vitro. Moreover, affinity chromatography purification of CIPK7 from Arabidopsis plants using CBL1 suggested that CIPK7 may associate with CBL1 in vivo. Expression of CBL1 was cold inducible, and CBL1 had a role in regulating cold response. By comparing expression patterns of CIPK7 between wild-type and cbl1 mutant plants, we found the induction of CIPK7 by cold stress was influenced by CBL1. This is the first report to demonstrate that CIPK7 may play a role in cold response via its interaction with CBL1.