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A systematic methodology to extend the applicability of a bioconversion model for the simulation of various co-digestion scenarios

Kovalovszki, Adam, Alvarado-Morales, Merlin, Fotidis, Ioannis A., Angelidaki, Irini
Bioresource technology 2017 v.235 pp. 157-166
anaerobic digestion, biotransformation, simulation models, wastewater
Detailed simulation of anaerobic digestion (AD) requires complex mathematical models and the optimization of numerous model parameters. By performing a systematic methodology and identifying parameters with the highest impact on process variables in a well-established AD model, its applicability was extended to various co-digestion scenarios. More specifically, the application of the step-by-step methodology led to the estimation of a general and reduced set of parameters, for the simulation of scenarios where either manure or wastewater were co-digested with different organic substrates. Validation of the general parameter set involved the simulation of laboratory-scale data from three continuous co-digestion experiments, treating mixtures of different organic residues either at thermophilic or mesophilic conditions. Evaluation of the results showed that simulations using the general parameter set fitted experimental data quite well, indicating that it offers a reliable reference point for future simulations of anaerobic co-digestion scenarios.