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Biomethane: The energy storage, platform chemical and greenhouse gas mitigation target

Bagi, Zoltán, Ács, Norbert, Böjti, Tamás, Kakuk, Balázs, Rákhely, Gábor, Strang, Orsolya, Szuhaj, Márk, Wirth, Roland, Kovács, Kornél L.
Anaerobe 2017 v.46 pp. 13-22
biogas, carbon dioxide, energy, greenhouse gases, methane, methane production, methanotrophs, polyhydroxyalkanoates, polysaccharides, proteins, ruminants
Results in three areas of anaerobic microbiology in which methane formation and utilization plays central part are reviewed. a.) Bio-methane formation by reduction of carbon dioxide in the power-to-gas process and the various possibilities of improvement of the process is a very intensively studied topic recently. From the numerous potential methods of exploiting methane of biological origin two aspects are discussed in detail. b.) Methane can serve as a platform chemical in various chemical and biochemical synthetic processes. Particular emphasis is put on the biochemical conversion pathways involving methanotrophs and their methane monooxygenase-catalyzed reactions leading to various small molecules and polymeric materials such as extracellular polysaccharides, polyhydroxyalkanoates and proteins. c.) The third area covered concerns methane-consuming reactions and methane emission mitigation. These investigations comprise the anaerobic microbiology of ruminants and approaches to diminishing methane emissions from ruminant animals.