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Physicochemical properties and cellular protection against oxidation of degraded Konjac glucomannan prepared by γ-irradiation

Jian, Wenjie, Tu, Liying, Wu, Lanlan, Xiong, Hejian, Pang, Jie, Sun, Yuan-ming
Food chemistry 2017 v.231 pp. 42-50
dispersibility, food research, gamma radiation, glutathione peroxidase, hydrogen peroxide, konjac mannan, oxidation, physicochemical properties, protective effect
Konjac glucomannan (KGM) is an important functional polysaccharide in food research. However, unstable dispersibility of KGM inhibits its in-depth study and wide application. In this study, a degraded KGM (100kGy-KGM), which showed excellent dispersibility and specific physicochemical properties, were obtained by γ-irradiation in a dosage of 100kGy. We investigated the protective effect of 100kGy-KGM against H2O2 induced oxidative damage in LO2 cells. Our results demonstrated that pretreatment of LO2 cells with 100kGy-KGM not only significantly increased cellular survivals and activities of GSH-Px and CAT, but also reduced levels of LDH, MDA and intracellular accumulation of ROS. The marked protective effect against oxidative damage and excellent dispersibility in 100kGy-KGM allowed its possible use as an antioxidant. Our study provided fundamental knowledge to understand the structure-functions relationships of degraded-KGM, which could result in a theoretical guidance for the future application of KGM.