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Integrated ecotechnology approach towards treatment of complex wastewater with simultaneous bioenergy production

Hemalatha, Manupati, Sravan, J. Shanthi, Yeruva, Dileep Kumar, Venkata Mohan, S.
Bioresource technology 2017 v.242 pp. 60-67
bioelectricity, bioenergy, biomass, carbohydrates, chemical oxygen demand, effluents, electrodes, lipids, microalgae, nitrates, wastewater, wastewater treatment
Sequential integration of three stage diverse biological processes was studied by exploiting the individual process advantage towards enhanced treatment of complex chemical based wastewater. A successful attempt to integrate sequence batch reactor (SBR) with bioelectrochemical treatment (BET) and finally with microalgae treatment was studied. The sequential integration has showed individual substrate degradation (COD) of 55% in SBR, 49% in BET and 56% in microalgae, accounting for a consolidated treatment efficiency of 90%. Nitrates removal efficiency of 25% was observed in SBR, 31% in BET and 44% in microalgae, with a total efficiency of 72%. The SBR treated effluents fed to BET with the electrode intervention showed TDS removal. BET exhibited relatively higher process performance than SBR. The integration approach significantly overcame the individual process limitations along with value addition as biomass (1.75g/L), carbohydrates (640mg/g), lipids (15%) and bioelectricity. The study resulted in providing a strategy of combining SBR as pretreatment step to BET process and finally polishing with microalgae cultivation achieving the benefits of enhanced wastewater treatment along with value addition.