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Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in China-A Case Study of Heilongjiang Province

Li, Zhuang, Li, Jia
Journal of Northeast Agricultural University 2013 v.20 no.2 pp. 89-96
case studies, climate change, culture and humanities, ecosystems, local government, people, poverty, sustainable development, water resources, China
Climate change is one of the most significant environment issues in the whole world today. And it is one of the most complex challenges of the humanities faced in the 21st century. Climate Change is impacted on our global; nobody can avoid the influence of climate change. The local adaptation strategies on climate change are very important to contribute the mitigation and poverty stricken situation, both in China and in the world. We chose a typical China's province as a case to analyze the impact of climate change on the region (such as agricultural, natural ecosystems, water resources, as well as local people healthy condition), and how the local government and local residences face the impact of the climate change influence, and summarized several strategies on climate change of the area in a sustainable development way.