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effect of leaf presence on the rooting of stem cutting of bitter melon and on changes in polyamine levels

Malik, Nasir S.A., Perez, Jose L., Kunta, Madhurababu
Agricultural Sciences 2012 v.3 no.7 pp. 936
Momordica charantia, defoliation, growers, hormones, leaves, plant cuttings, putrescine, rooting, roots, spermidine, spermine, stems, vegetative propagation
The study was conducted to investigate the optimal hormone treatment for rooting in bitter melon and the effect of defoliation on rooting and polyamine levels. Commercial preparation (diluted 1:10 and 1:20) gave extensive rooting within five days after treatment. The presence of leaf with the stem cutting was necessary for op- timal rooting as defoliation drastically reduced rooting even when the rooting time was ex- tended from 5 to 10 days. The presence of leaf also promoted the levels of putrescine three days after the hormone treatment just at the time of root emergence. Cuttings that did not have leaf did not show an increase in putrescine lev- els and did not produce roots. Spermidine levels also increased in the cuttings that rooted but there was no change in the levels of spermine in the cuttings that rooted. It appears that putre- scine and spermidine play a role in regulating rooting in bitter melon cuttings. The vegetative propagation conditions described show that it is a practically viable technique for small growers to produce large number of plantlets at the farm for selection and cultivation.