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Efficiency of Ground Cover Types under Samanea saman on Reducing Outdoor Thermal Environment in Urban Parks of Bangkok, Thailand

Utarasakul, Tatsanawalai
Procedia Environmental Sciences 2017 v.37 pp. 78-82
Samanea saman, air temperature, bitumen, grasses, parks, planting, trees, urban areas, Thailand
This research was investigated outdoor thermal environment under Samanea saman based on 2 types of ground covers during January 2015 in 2 urban parks of Bangkok, Thailand. Outdoor temperature was evaluated during 10 am to 2 pm under Samanea saman which were representative of asphalt and grass covering. Average temperature was evaluated at 2 meters far from the stem in north south east west directions, and at 0 and 100 centimeters above the ground. The results revealed that, grass covering at 0 centimeter was the highest ground cover type which can be reduced air temperature by 1.23% compared with other types of ground covers whereas the results were not difference statistically in both different types of ground cover and height. Additionally, Samanea saman were recommended as the suitable tree for planting in urban environment as this species can be reduced outdoor temperature for all types of ground covers.