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Analysis of Provincial and Municipal Regulations Governing Crustacean Welfare in Italy

Liuzzo, Gaetano, Rossi, Roberto, Giacometti, Federica, Mescolini, Giulia, Piva, Silvia, Serraino, Andrea
Italian journal of food safety 2017 v.6 no.1
Cephalopoda, Crustacea, European Union, Internet, animal welfare, animals, aquariums, aquatic organisms, claws, cooking, guidelines, laws and regulations, slaughter, trade, Italy
The trade in live crustaceans implies keeping these animals alive after capture and/or farming until purchase by the final consumer. Regarding animal welfare, the European Union includes cephalopods in Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes, but there are no further regulations on crustaceans in EU legislation. The present study analysed the provisions of Italian municipal regulations on animal welfare applicable to crustaceans. Only 62 of the 110 municipal websites of the provincial capitals reported a regulation safeguarding animal welfare. These regulations contain different rules on: aquaria characteristics (size, volume and shape); management of aquaria; maintenance (preservation and exposure) of live aquatic species; slaughtering and/or suppression of aquatic species and crustaceans; tying of crustacean claws; and crustacean cooking. The analysis on Italian municipal regulations on crustaceans’ animal welfare showed that the provisions are vague, lacking uniformity and scientific guidelines.