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Manger Top, une démarche de marketing social bénéfique en milieu défavorisé

Gamburzew, Axel, Darcel, Nicolas, Gazan, Rozenn, Dubois, Christophe, Maillot, Matthieu, Tomé, Daniel, Raffin, Sandrine, Darmon, Nicole
Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique 2017
consumers (people), foods, low-income neighborhoods, nutrition knowledge, nutritive value, starch, supermarkets, surveys, vegetables, France
From February to June 2014, an intervention has been conducted in 2 supermarkets located in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Marseille (France). Inexpensive foods with good nutritional quality were shelf-labeled as MANGER TOP (“eating great”), accompanied by an in-store marketing and communication materials: leaflets, posters, prime placement, taste-testing booth. Analysis of member-customers purchases showed a positive effect of the intervention on the purchases of MANGER TOP fruits and vegetables and starches. An exit surveys showed that 31 % of customers had seen the MANGER TOP materials, and this percentage increases significantly at the end of the intervention. An in-depth survey showed that customers who had seen the MANGER TOP materials scored significantly higher on quizzes assessing nutrition knowledge and had a better understanding of the labeling system, underscoring the differences of message receptivity in the target population.