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The influence of training system on fruit characteristics of peach and nectarine cultivars

Zec, G., Colic, S., Vulic, T., Milatovic, D., Oparnica, C., Dordevic, B., Durovic, D.
Acta horticulturae 2016 no.1139 pp. 541-544
cultivars, nectarines, orchards, peaches, planting, seedlings, trees, vineyards
The objective of this study was to determine the fruit characteristics of peach and nectarine cultivars in a new training system (Sloping Leader). High-density orchard (2,800 trees ha-1) was established by planting vineyard peach seedlings at a 3.5 × 1 m spacing. Grafting was performed at a height of 50 cm. The central leader was bent at the angle of 65°. The standard experimental plot was planted with nursery trees and two training systems: Fusetto (4×2 m) and Open Vase (4×4 m) were applied. The influence of three different training systems on fruit characteristics of three peach cultivars: 'Early O'Henry', 'Sunprince', and 'Autumn Glo', and two nectarine cultivars: 'Stark Redgold' and 'Max 7' was studied during the three-year period (2009-2011). A small tree spacing reduced fruit size of peach cultivars 'Early O'Henry' and 'Sunprince' and nectarine cultivar 'Max 7'. Unlike, in 'Autumn Glo' and 'Stark Redgold' differences in fruit size between training systems were not significant.