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Clove and rosemary essential oils and encapsuled active principles (eugenol, thymol and vanillin blend) on meat quality of feedlot-finished heifers

de Oliveira Monteschio, Jéssica, de Souza, Kennyson Alves, Vital, Ana Carolina Pelaes, Guerrero, Ana, Valero, Maribel Velandia, Kempinski, Emília Maria Barbosa Carvalho, Barcelos, Vinícius Cunha, Nascimento, Karina Favoreto, do Prado, Ivanor Nunes
Meat science 2017 v.130 pp. 50-57
Nellore, antioxidant activity, cloves, color, cooking quality, essential oils, eugenol, fat thickness, feedlots, feeds, heifers, lipid peroxidation, longissimus muscle, marbling, meat, pH, rosemary, shelf life, texture, thawing, thymol, vanillin
Forty Nellore heifers were fed (73days) with different diets: with or without essential oils (clove and/or rosemary essential oil) and/or active principle blend (eugenol, thymol and vanillin). The pH, fat thickness, marbling, muscle area and water losses (thawing and drip) were evaluated 24h post mortem on the Longissimus thoracis, and the effects of aging (14days) was evaluated on the meat cooking losses, color, texture and lipid oxidation. Antioxidant activity was also evaluated. Treatments had no effect (P>0.05) on pH, fat thickness, marbling, muscle area, thawing and drip losses. However, treatments affected (P<0.05) cooking losses, color, texture and lipid oxidation. The diets with essential oil and the active principle blend reduced the lipid oxidation and reduced the color losses in relation to control diet. Aging affected (P<0.05) texture and lipid oxidation. The essential oil and active principles or its blend have potential use in animal feed aiming to maintain/improve meat quality during shelf-life.