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Biomimic Redox Driven Ion Transportation in Smart Nanochannels

Xu, Yanglei, Jiang, Jiaqiao, Meng, Zheyi, Zhang, Qian, Li, Xiulin, Zhai, Jin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2016 v.120 no.31 pp. 17342-17347
biomimetics, cell communication, equations, hydrogen peroxide, ion channels, mammals, models, monitoring, nanotechnology, physical chemistry, polymers, redox reactions
Hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) affects biological processes by producing cellular signaling to regulate redox reactions in live cells. By redox signaling, Cytochrome C (Cyt C) in mammalian cells is especially distinguishable for H₂O₂ in controlling ion transportation in biological ion channels. To mimic the mechanism for redox-driven in biology, we modified Cyt C, which could bind H₂O₂, on polymer conical nanochannels to form a redox-driven nanosystem. The influence of the different H₂O₂ concentrations on the ion transportation property in the redox-driven nanosystem is investigated and discussed. The theoretical model of this nanosystem based on the Poisson and Nernst–Planck equations is in good agreement with the experimental data. Accordingly, we constitute a biomimetic reversible and repeatable redox-driven smart nanogating system, monitoring the ion transportation process.