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Preparation of Ultrafine β-MoO3 from Industrial Grade MoO3 Powder by the Method of Sublimation

Wang, Lu, Zhang, Guo-Hua, Sun, Yuan-Jun, Zhou, Xin-Wen, Chou, Kuo-Chih
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2016 v.120 no.35 pp. 19821-19829
catalysts, condensates, molybdenum, particle size, raw materials, silica, sublimation, temperature
This study reports a novel strategy to obtain ultrafine metastable monoclinic molybdenum trioxide (β-MoO₃) powder by the method of sublimation in the temperatures range of 1123–1373 K using the industrial grade MoO₃ as raw material. The vapor-phase MoO₃ could rapidly condensate and deposit in the bag filter after being quenched. It is found that the particle size has no obvious regularity with the sublimation temperature and the as-prepared β-MoO₃ appears to be perfectly spherical. Impurities such as SiO₂ in raw MoO₃ samples have a significant retarding influence on the sublimation rate. Both the mechanisms of sublimation of industrial grade MoO₃ as well as the nucleation and growth process of ultrafine β-MoO₃ have been shed light. This work may have a guide role in the large-scale production of ultrafine spherical β-MoO₃ catalyst.