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Phenolic composition of virgin olive oils from cross breeding segregating populations

El Riachy, Milad, Priego‐Capote, Feliciano, Rallo, Luis, Luque‐de Castro, María Dolores, León, Lorenzo
European journal of lipid science and technology 2012 v.114 no.5 pp. 542-551
absorption, chromatography, crossing, cultivars, fluorescence, genotype, natural foods, olives, open pollination, phenol, virgin olive oil, Spain
The evaluation and characterization of segregating populations is a critical step in olive breeding programs. In this work, phenolic profiles of virgin olive oils (VOOs) from segregating populations obtained by cross breeding in Cordoba (Spain) have been evaluated. Genotypes obtained from open pollination of the cultivar Manzanilla de Sevilla, and from crosses between the cultivars Arbequina × Arbosana, Picual × Koroneiki and Sikitita × Arbosana were tested. The phenolic composition was determined after liquid–liquid extraction with 60:40 v/v methanol–water and subsequent chromatographic analysis with ultraviolet (UV) detection of both absorption and fluorescence in a sequential configuration. Results for all studied compounds showed high degree of variability between genotypes, with a higher range of variation than the observed for the genitors. Most of the observed variability was attributable to differences in genotypes within crosses rather than among crosses. Some issues related to breeding strategies are discussed. Practical applications: Phenolic compounds are considered to be of paramount importance for the assessment of virgin olive oil quality due to their contribution to the nutraceutical and sensory profile of this natural food. This study focuses on the evaluation of the content of phenolic compounds in olive oils originated from cross breeding in an olive breeding program (Cordoba, Spain). This step is crucial to determine the range of variation of phenolic compounds and the selection of interesting genotypes with higher composition in total phenols or in an individual phenol targeted at a breeding program.