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A comprehensive overview on light independent fermentative hydrogen production from wastewater feedstock and possible integrative options

Kumar, Gopalakrishnan, Sivagurunathan, Periyasamy, Pugazhendhi, Arivalagan, Thi, Ngoc Bao Dung, Zhen, Guangyin, Chandrasekhar, Kuppam, Kadier, Abudukeremu
Energy conversion and management 2017 v.141 pp. 390-402
carbon, continuous systems, feedstocks, fermentation, hydrogen, hydrogen production, industrialization, microorganisms, sugars, toxicity, wastewater
This review focuses on the current developments and new insights in the field of dark fermentation technologies using wastewater as carbon and nutrient source. It has begun with the type of wastewaters (sugar rich, toxic and industrial) employed in the H2 production and their production performances with pure (or) mixed microbiota as seeding source in the batch reactors. Secondly, well-documented continuous system performances and their failure reasons were examined along with the enhancement possibilities in ways of strategies. A SWOT analysis has been performed to validate the strength and weakness of the continuous systems towards its industrialization and possible scheme of the integration methods have been illustrated. Additionally, an outlook has been provided with enlightening the remedies for its success. Moreover, the practical perspectives of the continuous systems are highlighted and challenges towards scale up are mentioned. Finally, the possible integrative approaches along with continuous systems towards the bioH2 technologies implementation are enlightened.