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Engineering Operation Performance of Catalytic Deoxygenation Equipment for Landfill Gas Upgrading

Chen Zezhi, Gong Huijuan, Bao Yanchu, Wu Weili
Energy & Fuels 2017 v.31 no.4 pp. 4565-4570
catalysts, cost effectiveness, durability, engineering, equipment, landfills, methane, natural gas, oxidation, oxygen, temperature
Catalytic methane (CH₄) oxidation was proven to be a potential deoxygenation technique for upgrading landfill gas (LFG) as an alternative for natural gas or vehicle fuel. In this paper, a catalytic deoxygenation unit with 5000 N m³/h feed gas treatment capacity was installed in an LFG upgrading engineering project. This catalytic equipment has shown excellent deoxygenation performance. The catalytic oxidation reaction could be completely lit off in half an hour, and the full light-off temperature in the center of the catalytic bed was generally less than 300 °C. Complete deoxygenation was achieved once the reaction was lit off during the entire running period. The deoxygenation performance was not affected by the fluctuation of operating conditions such as gas flow rate and inlet oxygen content. The catalyst also showed satisfactory durability. After running continuously for more than one year the catalyst did not lose any deoxygenation reactivity. It is a cost-effective technology from the viewpoint of engineering application. To produce 1 m³ compressed natural gas (CNG), only about RMB 0.047–0.057 yuan was needed for deoxygenation using this equipment. Based on successful application of the deoxygenation equipment in this work, a conclusion could be drawn that catalytic methane oxidation is a feasible deoxygenation technology to be utilized widely in LFG upgrading projects.