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Determination of nucleosides and nucleotides in food samples by using liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis

Domínguez-Álvarez, Javier, Mateos-Vivas, María, Rodríguez-Gonzalo, Encarnación, García-Gómez, Diego, Bustamante-Rangel, Myriam, Delgado Zamarreño, María-Milagros, Carabias-Martínez, Rita
Trends in analytical chemistry 2017 v.92 pp. 12-31
biochemical pathways, capillary electrophoresis, dietary supplements, food matrix, foods, liquid chromatography, nucleic acids, nucleosides, nucleotides, nutrients
Nucleosides and nucleotides are intracellular compounds that are precursors of nucleic acids and which take part in various regulatory and metabolic functions. Although they can be synthesized endogenously, a dietary supplement is beneficial to the organism under certain conditions when the demand for these semi-essential nutrients is high. The analysis of these compounds in food is, therefore, of great importance if we are to improve and ensure food quality. This review summarizes the chromatographic and capillary electrophoresis analytical methods described for the analysis of nucleosides and nucleotides in foodstuffs, including sample treatment steps used for isolation and cleanup. In addition, the future prospects in the analysis of these compounds in food matrices have also been included.