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Robust economic model predictive control of a community micro-grid

Pereira, M., Muñoz de la Peña, D., Limon, D.
Renewable energy 2017 v.100 pp. 3-17
batteries, closed loop systems, econometric models, energy, hydrides, hydrogen, planning, prices, renewable energy sources
In this paper we propose a novel economic robust predictive controller for periodic operation. The proposed controller joins dynamic and economic trajectory planning and robust predictive controller for tracking in a single layer taking into account bounded disturbances, algebraic constraints and periodic operation. We study the closed-loop system properties of the proposed controller and provide a design procedure that guarantees that the perturbed closed-loop system converges asymptotically to the optimal economic reachable periodic trajectory, constraint satisfaction and recursive feasibility. The proposed controller has been applied to control a cluster of interconnected micro-grids. Each nano-grid is connected to an electric utility and has a renewable energy source, a cluster of batteries and a metal hydride based hydrogen storage system. The cluster must satisfy a periodic energy demand while maximizing the profit of the energy sold to the electric utility taking into account time varying prices.