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Transcriptome sequencing to produce SNP-based genetic maps of onion

Duangjit, J., Bohanec, B., Chan, A. P., Town, C. D., Havey, M. J.
Theoretical and applied genetics 2013
cDNA libraries, chromosome mapping, complementary DNA, cultivars, genes, genotyping, haploidy, hybrids, inbred lines, inbreeding, linkage groups, marker-assisted selection, onions, quality control, single nucleotide polymorphism, transcriptome
We used the Roche-454 platform to sequence from normalized cDNA libraries from each of two inbred lines of onion (OH1 and 5225). From approximately 1.6 million reads from each inbred, 27,065 and 33,254 cDNA contigs were assembled from OH1 and 5225, respectively. In total, 3,364 well supported single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on 1,716 cDNA contigs were identified between these two inbreds. One SNP on each of 1,256 contigs was randomly selected for genotyping. OH1 and 5225 were crossed and 182 gynogenic haploids extracted from hybrid plants were used for SNP mapping. A total of 597 SNPs segregated in the OH1 × 5225 haploid family and a genetic map of ten linkage groups (LOD ≥8) was constructed. Three hundred and thirty-nine of the newly identified SNPs were also mapped using a previously developed segregating family from BYG15-23 × AC43, and 223 common SNPs were used to join the two maps. Because these new SNPs are in expressed regions of the genome and commonly occur among onion germplasms, they will be useful for genetic mapping, gene tagging, marker-aided selection, quality control of seed lots, and fingerprinting of cultivars.