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Probing the Dynamics of Layered Double Hydroxides by Solid-State 27Al NMR Spectroscopy

Di Bitetto, Arnaud, André, Erwan, Carteret, Cédric, Durand, Pierrick, Kervern, Gwendal
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017 v.121 no.13 pp. 7276-7281
aluminum, anions, cations, hydroxides, molecular dynamics, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, satellites, stable isotopes, temperature
In order to shed light on molecular dynamics and structure in layered materials, ²⁷Al NMR spectra of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) were investigated by varying the layer charge density, the cations of the sheets, the interlayer anions, the hydration state, and the temperature. This study reveals that most of the broadening of ²⁷Al satellite transitions in LDHs is due to dynamics within the interlayer space rather than the chemical environment of ²⁷Al in the sheets, i.e., cation disorder. This finding provides a new solid-state NMR tool to probe dynamics in aluminum-bearing layered materials which does not require tensor calculations, which is based on direct acquisition spectra and which provides long-range information as the ²⁷Al spectra are sensitive to dynamics that occur 3–5 Å away from the observed nuclei.