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Volatile Organic Compounds of Whole-Grain Soft Winter Wheat

Ji, Taehyun, Kang, Moonseok, Baik, Byung-Kee
Cereal chemistry 2017 v.94 no.3 pp. 594-601
fungi, odors, pentanols, volatile organic compounds, whole grain foods, winter wheat
The aroma from volatile organic compounds (VOC) is an indicator of grain soundness and also an important quality attribute of grain foods. To identify the inherent VOC of wheat grain unaffected by fungal infestation and other extrinsic factors, grains of nine soft wheat varieties were collected at various days postanthesis (DPA) and analyzed for VOC. Ten VOC were detected in all nine varieties at all DPA. 3-Methyl-1-butanol, 2-methyl-1-butanol, 1-pentanol, hexanal, and 1-hexanol were the predominant VOC in concentration. The VOC concentration generally decreased as grain matured from 25 to 40 DPA. Hexanal and 1-hexanol were the most abundant VOC in five and four varieties at 1.30–2.99 and 1.21–5.46 μg/kg of wheat grain, respectively, at 40 DPA. The VOC profiles of wheat grains infected with fungal diseases and stored for several months were uniquely different from that of sound grain.