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Factors affecting household food security in rural northern hinterland of Pakistan

Abdullah,, Zhou, Deyi, Shah, Tariq, Ali, Sajjad, Ahmad, Waqar, Din, Izhar Ud, Ilyas, Aasir
Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences 2017
assets, education, females, food security, hinterland, households, inflation, issues and policy, males, regression analysis, unemployment, Pakistan
The purpose of this study is to explore the factors that affect rural household food security in northern area of Pakistan. The random sampling technique was applied to collected data from 294 rural households through a face to face interview. A binary logistic regression technique was used to determine the factors that influence household food insecurity. The results of our study revealed that age, gender, education, remittances, unemployment, inflation, assets, and disease are important factors determining household food insecurity. Moreover, gender played a dominant role in food insecurity as female headed household were food insecure while male headed household were food secure. The policies should be set to promote education, more focus on female headed household and encourage the inflow of remittances.