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Chemical Characterization of Gas- and Particle-Phase Products from the Ozonolysis of α-Pinene in the Presence of Dimethylamine

Duporté, Geoffroy, Riva, Matthieu, Parshintsev, Jevgeni, Heikkinen, Enna, Barreira, Luís M. F., Myllys, Nanna, Heikkinen, Liine, Hartonen, Kari, Kulmala, Markku, Ehn, Mikael, Riekkola, Marja-Liisa
Environmental Science & Technology 2017 v.51 no.10 pp. 5602-5610
aerosols, alpha-pinene, chemical composition, dimethylamine, mass spectrometry, nitrogen, ozonolysis, Finland
Amines are recognized as key compounds in new particle formation (NPF) and secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation. In addition, ozonolysis of α-pinene contributes substantially to the formation of biogenic SOAs in the atmosphere. In the present study, ozonolysis of α-pinene in the presence of dimethylamine (DMA) was investigated in a flow tube reactor. Effects of amines on SOA formation and chemical composition were examined. Enhancement of NPF and SOA formation was observed in the presence of DMA. Chemical characterization of gas- and particle-phase products by high-resolution mass spectrometric techniques revealed the formation of nitrogen containing compounds. Reactions between ozonolysis reaction products of α-pinene, such as pinonaldehyde or pinonic acid, and DMA were observed. Possible reaction pathways are suggested for the formation of the reaction products. Some of the compounds identified in the laboratory study were also observed in aerosol samples (PM₁) collected at the SMEAR II station (Hyytiälä, Finland) suggesting that DMA might affect the ozonolysis of α-pinene in ambient conditions.