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Ferrofluid-assisted rapid and directional harvesting of marine microalgal Chlorella sp. used for biodiesel production

Ho, Shih-Hsin, Chiu, Sheng-Yi, Kao, Chien-Ya, Chen, Tsai-Yu, Chang, Yu-Bin, Chang, Jo-Shu, Lin, Chih-Sheng
Bioresource technology 2017 v.244 pp. 1337-1340
Chlorella, biomass, flocculation, fuel production, harvesting, microalgae, recycling, wastewater
In this work, a novel harvesting strategy using ferrofluids coupled with flocculation as a magnetic directional harvesting system was developed, providing a fast and easy way to effectively collect microalgae with no further modifications made to the ferrofluids. With a ferrofluid dosage of 25mgL−1, a high harvesting efficiency of 95–100% was achieved within 1min. In addition, we successfully performed a wastewater recycling strategy coupled with a microalgal ferrofluid-harvesting dynamic flow-through system to harvest biomass of Chlorella sp. MTF-7 which could achieve over 80% of the maximum level after three repeated recycling cultivations. This work demonstrated the use of an integrated microalgal ferrofluid-harvesting dynamic flow-through system to develop a simple and effective strategy to enhance microalgal harvesting efficiency, along with wastewater recycling, in a marine microalgal Chlorella sp. MTF-7.