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Feature matching evaluation for multimodal correspondence

Gesto-Diaz, M., Tombari, F., Gonzalez-Aguilera, D., Lopez-Fernandez, L., Rodriguez-Gonzalvez, P.
ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing 2017 v.129 pp. 179-188
algorithms, data collection, detectors, surveys
This paper proposes a study and evaluation of approaches aimed at image matching under different modalities, together with a survey of methodologies used for performance comparison in this specific context, and, finally, a novel algorithm for image matching. First, a new dataset is introduced to overcome the limitations of existing datasets, which includes modalities such as visible, thermal, intensity and depth images. This dataset is used to compare the state of the art of feature detectors and descriptors. Template matching techniques commonly used to carry out multimodal correspondence are also adapted and compared therein. In total, 28 different combinations of detectors and descriptors are evaluated. In addition, the detectors’ repeatability and the assessment of matching results based on Receiving Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve associated to all tested detector-descriptor combinations are presented, highlighting the best performing pairs. Finally, a novel Adaptive Pairwise Matching (APM) algorithm created to improve the robustness of matching towards outliers is also proposed and tested within our evaluation framework.