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Real-time nitrogen management in aerobic rice by adopting leaf color chart (LCC) as influenced by silicon

Yogendra, N. D., Kumara, B. H., Chandrashekar, N., Prakash, N. B., Anantha, M. S., Shashidhar, H. E.
Journal of plant nutrition 2017 v.40 no.9 pp. 1277-1286
calcium silicate, color, field experimentation, grain yield, leaves, nitrogen, nitrogen fertilizers, nutrient use efficiency, rice, silicon
Leaf color chart (LCC) guides fertilizer nitrogen (N) application to rice as per requirement of the crop on the basis of a critical leaf color. Two field experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of silicon (Si) and LCC based N management in aerobic rice. Following LCC-based N management, from 60 to 90 kg N ha ⁻¹ and 75 to 100 kg N ha ⁻¹ with 10–40% and 25–30% less fertilizer N was used without any reduction in yield as compared to the package of practices of 100 (50 kg N ha ⁻¹ as basal + two split of 25 kg N ha ⁻¹) kg N ha ⁻¹ respectively, during both the seasons. The highest grain yield was noticed with 90 kg N ha ⁻¹ (30 kg N ha ⁻¹ as basal + LCC-3) and 100 kg N ha ⁻¹ (50 kg N ha ⁻¹ as basal + two split of 25 kg N ha ⁻¹) along with the application of calcium silicate (CaSiO ₃) at 2 t ha ⁻¹ as sources of Si and on par with 60 kg N ha ⁻¹ (no basal + LCC-3) and 75 kg N ha ⁻¹ (30 kg N ha ⁻¹ as basal + LCC-3), respectively, during the season in 2008 and 2009. Higher fertilizer N use efficiency was recorded with Si and need-based N management using LCC-3 rather than recommended dose of fertilizer N.