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Responsible Recreational Fisheries: A Chinese Perspective

Yang, Zi-jiang, Chen, Yushun, Wang, Dongchun, Liu, Long-teng, Liu, Cong, Hughes, Robert M., Liu, Yadan
Fisheries 2017 v.42 no.6 pp. 303-307
business enterprises, climate change, environmental impact, fish products, fisheries, fishermen, issues and policy, laws and regulations, sport fishing, tourism, China
Recreational fisheries have been largely developed only in recent decades in China. However, this development is not occurring in an entirely responsible manner. Responsible recreational fisheries in China require fully considering socioeconomic and environmental impacts and minimizing negative impacts of fisheries and fishery products. Responsible recreational fisheries also need to consider climate change, responsible tourism, and developing a modern fishery. In this paper, we define the concept of responsible recreational fisheries, present its current status and challenges, and then provide strategies and recommendations. We conclude that both recreational anglers and fishery enterprises should practice self-discipline, be aware of local community needs, follow fisheries laws and regulations, and respect local cultures. It is urgent for fisheries governmental agencies in China to generate policies and regulations to ensure the development of its recreational fisheries in a responsible manner.