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Isolation and characterization of a novel pollen-specific promoter in maize (Zea mays L.)

Wang, He, Fan, Mingxia, Wang, Guohong, Zhang, Chunyu, Shi, Lei, Wei, Zhengyi, Ma, Wenjuan, Chang, Jing, Huang, Senxin, Lin, Feng
Genome 2017 v.60 no.6 pp. 485-495
Zea mays, chromosomes, corn, gene fusion, genes, genetically modified plants, pollen, pollen tubes, promoter regions, protein-serine-threonine kinases, sequence analysis, serine, start codon, threonine, tissues
ZmSTK2_USP, located on the long arm of chromosome 4, belongs to the serine/threonine kinase gene in maize. The sequence analysis of 2100 bp upstream from the start codon ATG has shown that it contains cis-element motifs and two types of anther/pollen-specific promoter elements (GTGA and AGAAA), suggesting that it is the pollen-specific promoter. To investigate the function of ZmSTK2_USP promoter, the GUS gene fusion system was employed. In proZmSTK2_USP-GUS genetically modified plants, GUS activity was detected in mature pollen grains and pollen tubes but not found in other floral and vegetative tissues. These results show that proZmSTK2_USP is the pollen-specific promoter and drives pollen-specific activity during the middle stage of pollen development until pollen maturation.