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Dry-Oxy Methane Reforming with Mixed e–/CO32– Conducting Membranes

Zhang, Peng, Tong, Jingjing, Huang, Kevin
ACS sustainable chemistry 2017 v.5 no.6 pp. 5432-5439
carbon dioxide, catalysts, cost effectiveness, flue gas, hydrogen, magnesium oxide, methane, nickel, oxygen, silver, synthesis gas
We report here an alternative way to make syngas from dry-oxy methane reforming with CO₂ and O₂ directly captured from flue gas by a mixed e–/CO₃²– conducting membrane in a single reactor loaded with a reforming catalyst. The mixed e–/CO₃²– conducting membrane is comprised of a porous electronic conductor (silver) with the skeleton overcoated with a nanoscaled ZrO₂ within which a molten carbonate is withheld. The reforming catalyst is Ni supported on MgO impregnated with 1 wt % Pt (NMP). With a simulated flue gas as the CO₂/O₂ source and CH₄–Ar as the sweep gas, the reactor can convert >82% CH₄ under all conditions tested. The rates of H₂ and CO production reach as high as 4.0 and 4.2 mL min–¹ cm–², respectively, at 800 °C. A long-term test shows a reasonably stable performance within 115 h. Overall, this work demonstrates the technical feasibility of a new capture-and-conversion “all-in-one” CO₂ reactor for efficient and cost-effective syngas production via dry-oxy methane reforming.