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Characterization of casein and casein-silver conjugated nanoparticle containing multifunctional (pectin–sodium alginate/casein) bilayer film

Bora, Anupama, Mishra, Poonam
Journal of food science and technology 2016 v.53 no.10 pp. 3704-3714
Escherichia coli, alginates, antibacterial properties, biodegradability, casein, erythrocytes, films (materials), heat, hemolysis, nanocomposites, nanoparticles, silver, sodium, temperature, tensile strength, thermal properties, toxicity, water solubility
Casein nano particles and casein-silver conjugated nano composite containing edible bilayer pouch was developed from a heat sealable casein layer laminated with sodium alginate–pectin layer. The physicochemical, mechanical, biodegradability and the toxicity of the film were evaluated. The synthesized casein nano particle was incorporated in the casein layer (inner layer) of the film, however, the casein-silver conjugated nano composite were incorporated in the sodium alginate–pectin (outer) layer of the film. The mechanical, barrier, physical and antimicrobial properties of the film were investigated. Addition of nano composite/nano particle reduced the water solubility (from 67 to 46 % at 80 °C temperature) of the film improved the water barrier properties, light barrier properties, tensile strength and thermal properties of the film. The light barrier properties of the film increased and transparency reduced with increase in silver content in the conjugated nano composite film. The nano particles/nano composite containing film showed antibacterial activity against E. coli. The films were recorded safe for red blood cells as % haemolysis for all the tested samples were found to be well below the safe level.