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Statistical Retrieval of Ozone and Meteorological Parameters Using SHADOZ Observations and Radiative Transfer Model

Srivastava, Shuchita, Thapliyal, P. K., Shukla, M. V., Bisht, J. S. H., Mitra, D.
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 2016 v.44 no.6 pp. 987-994
algorithms, meteorological parameters, ozone, radiative transfer, regression analysis, remote sensing, simulation models, temperature, water vapor
A statistical retrieval algorithm has been developed using SHADOZ ozonesonde observations and radiative transfer model simulations for the retrieval of vertical profiles of temperature, water vapor and ozone. Retrieved profiles of ozone and meteorological parameters are compared with corresponding in-situ ozonesonde observations and IASI observations to test accuracy of the retrieval algorithm. The standard deviation error in the temperature profile, estimated using retrieved and ozonesonde observed profiles, is found to be in the range of 0.7–2.7° K. The percentage root mean square error (RMSE) estimated using retrieved and actual profiles of ozone and water vapor are found to be in the range of 5–30 % and 10–30 %, respectively. The standard deviation error in temperature (2 to 3.5° K) and RMSE in water vapor (~35–55 %) estimated using actual IASI observations (retrieved and observed) is relatively higher than the retrieval errors from the simulated radiances. The RMSE in the retrieval of total column ozone is also estimated using simulated and actual IASI radiances. The RMSE for simulated data is found to be 1.9 ± 1.4 %. The RMSE in the total column ozone estimated for actual IASI observations is found to be 3.8 ± 3.2 %. Inclusion of the zenith angle as a predictor in the regression coefficients has improved retrieval error of atmospheric parameters. The standard deviation error for temperature is improved by 0.2–0.3° K and RMSE for ozone and water vapor is improved by 2–4 % and 4–7 % respectively in different atmospheric regions.