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SWATMOD-Prep: Graphical User Interface for Preparing Coupled SWAT-MODFLOW Simulations

Bailey, Ryan, Rathjens, Hendrik, Bieger, Katrin, Chaubey, Indrajeet, Arnold, Jeffrey
JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association 2017 v.53 no.2 pp. 400-410
Internet, Soil and Water Assessment Tool model, aquifers, computer software, digital elevation models, groundwater, groundwater flow, nitrates, rivers, user interface, watersheds, Georgia
This article presents SWATMOD-Prep, a graphical user interface that couples a SWAT watershed model with a MODFLOW groundwater flow model. The interface is based on a recently published SWAT-MODFLOW code that couples the models via mapping schemes. The spatial layout of SWATMOD-Prep guides the user through the process of importing shape files (sub-basins, hydrologic response units [HRUs], river network) from an existing SWAT model, creating a grid, performing necessary geo-processing operations to link the models, writing out SWAT-MODFLOW files, and running the simulation. The option of creating a new single-layer MODFLOW model for near-surface alluvial aquifers is available, with the user prompted to provide groundwater surface elevation (through a digital elevation model), aquifer thickness, and necessary aquifer parameter values. The option of simulating nitrate transport in the aquifer also is available, using the reactive transport model RT3D. The interface is in the public domain. It is programmed in Python, with various software packages used for geo-processing operations (e.g., selection, intersection of rasters) and inputting/outputting data, and is written for Windows. The use of SWATMOD-Prep is demonstrated for the Little River Experimental Watershed, Georgia. SWATMOD-Prep and SWAT-MODFLOW executables are available with an accompanying user's manual at: The user's manual also accompanies this article as Supporting Information.