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The addition of corn fiber gum improves the long-term stability and retrogradation properties of corn starch

Shuang Qiu, Madhav P. Yadav, Qiaomei Zhu, Hao Chen, Yan Liu, Lijun Yin
Journal of cereal science 2017 v.76 pp. 92-98
calorimeters, corn starch, crystallization, enthalpy, hardness, plant gums, resistant starch, retrogradation, starch gels, storage
This study was designed to test the hypothesis that the stability and physical properties of starch gels could be improved by adding small amounts of corn fiber gum (CFG). In the differential scanning calorimeter measurement, the enthalpy of retrogradation was 7.30 J/g for starch without CFG and 4.30 J/g for starch composite gel with 1.0% CFG. The addition of 1.0% CFG to starch significantly (p < 0.05) decreased the degree of retrogradation during the long-term storage from 61.6% to 36.5%. The addition of CFG retarded the syneresis of the starch system from 17.97% and 34.93%–6.15% and 26.57% after storage for 7 and 14 days respectively. The crystallization peak of starch containing 0.5–1.0% CFG was quite diminished. When compared with the starch gel alone, the addition of CFG significantly lowered the hardness of the composite starch gel from 60.92 to 45.81 N after 14 days storage. The starch gel without CFG showed the lowest rapidly digestible starch content and the highest resistant starch content in comparison to starch/CFG composite gels after 7 and 14 days storage. Over all, the addition of CFG considerably inhibits the retrogradation of corn starch gels during long-term storage.