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Performance evaluation and microbial community dynamics in a novel AnMBR for treating antibiotic solvent wastewater

Hu, Dongxue, Su, Haiyan, Chen, Zhaobo, Cui, Yubo, Ran, Chunqiu, Xu, Jiao, Xiao, Tingting, Li, Xue, Wang, Haixu, Tian, Yu, Ren, Nanqi
Bioresource technology 2017 v.243 pp. 218-227
Methanobacteriales, Methanomicrobiales, Methanosaetaceae, antibiotics, biogas, chemical oxygen demand, membrane bioreactors, methane, microbial communities, pH, pollutants, solvents, wastewater
This study aims at evaluating the performance and microbial community dynamics of anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) treating antibiotic solvent wastewater at improved influent quality period. The whole process was divided into five phases according to the influent COD concentration with a fluctuated volume loading rate (VLR) ranging from 3.9 to 12.7kgCOD/(m3·d). After 249days of operation, the average COD and THF removal efficiency were 93.6% and 98.7%, respectively. The accumulation of VFA, relatively low pH, decline of biogas production and methane content were discovered at higher VLR (>10kgCOD/(m3·d)). Methanomicrobiales are the major population throughout the whole running period. Methanosaetaceae showed a minor relative abundance compared both of them, while Methanobacteriales remained a minimum value. Results showed that the reactor performed an excellent pollutants removal effect because of the function of membranes even at high VLR conditions.