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Coatings in food contact materials: Potential source of genotoxic contaminants?

Mertens, Birgit, Van Bossuyt, M., Fraselle, S., Blaude, M.N., Vanhaecke, T., Rogiers, V., Verschaeve, L., Van Hoeck, E.
Food and chemical toxicology 2017 v.106 pp. 496-505
European Union, Internet, coatings, computer software, genotoxicity, human health, inventories, laws and regulations, models, mutagens, structure-activity relationships, toxicology
Up till now, no harmonized EU regulation exists on chemicals used in coatings for food contact materials (FCM). Therefore, these substances need to comply with the general provisions of EU Regulation 1935/2004 and, if present, with national legislation. Different ‘inventory lists’ of compounds that might be present in coatings are available, but for hundreds of these substances, the potential human health impact of their use in FCM coatings has not (recently) been evaluated. Since detailed evaluation of all compounds is not feasible, a pragmatic approach was developed to identify substances with a potential concern for human health. First, an inventory was assembled containing all substances potentially used in coatings. Afterwards, the genotoxic potential of the non-evaluated substances was predicted in silico using two structure-activity relationship (SAR) software programs. For substances yielding structural alerts in both models, genotoxicity data were collected from previous European evaluations in a non-FCM context and from the European CHemicals Agency (ECHA) website. In total, 53 substances were identified as genotoxic in both in silico models, of which ten were considered to be of high concern. For most of the substances, additional toxicological information is needed.