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Monitoring protein hydrolysis by pepsin using pH-stat: In vitro gastric digestions in static and dynamic pH conditions

Mat, Damien J.L., Cattenoz, Thomas, Souchon, Isabelle, Michon, Camille, Le Feunteun, Steven
Food chemistry 2018 v.239 pp. 268-275
hydrolysis, models, monitoring, pH, pepsin, peptides, titration, whey protein
This study intends to demonstrate that acid titration at low pH is very well adapted to the monitoring of pepsin activity. After a description of the underlying principles, this approach was used during in vitro gastric digestions of a model of complex food containing 15wt% of whey proteins, according to both static (2h at pH = 3, Infogest protocol) and dynamic pH conditions (from pH 6.3 down to 2 in 1h). Pepsin activity was quantitatively assessed in all experiments through the calculation of degrees of hydrolysis (DH). Final values of 3.7 and 3.0% were obtained in static and dynamic pH conditions, respectively, and validated using an independent method. Results also show that about 92% of the peptides were detected at pH = 3, and 100% for pH≤2.5. Overall, the proposed approach proved to be very worthy to study protein hydrolysis during in vitro gastric digestions.