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Exploring the use of rapid profiling techniques for use in older adult populations

Scott, Nicole, Grygorczyk, Alexandra, Gilbert, Chantal C, Duizer, Lisa M
Food quality and preference 2017 v.62 pp. 199-207
elderly, puddings, sensation
Research involving measurements of sensory perception among the older adult population is complicated by difficulties with traditional testing methods for these individuals. A trend in food sensory testing is the use of rapid profiling techniques. Three rapid profiling techniques – check-all-that-apply (CATA), sorting and projective mapping– were tested in an older adult population (aged 60+) to determine their appropriateness of use with this population. Participants (n=60) attended three sessions where seven commercially available instant and ready-made puddings along with two duplicate samples were evaluated using each of the three rapid profiling methods. A younger cohort of individuals (n=60) was used as a control. All three methods appeared to produce valid results in the older population group, however, higher panelist reliability, lower difficulty and higher percentage of correct completions led to the conclusion that CATA is the most appropriate rapid profiling test for older adults.