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Hydrotalcite catalyzed N-alkylation: A practical greener approach towards Carbon-Nitrogen bond formation

Soni, Manoj, Joshi, Narendra, Vardia, Jitendra
Sustainable chemistry and pharmacy 2017 v.6 pp. 14-20
alkylation, amines, carbon, carbon dioxide, catalytic activity, green chemistry, greenhouse gases, hydrotalcite, ingredients, nitrogen
Main driving force of this research work is to focus 9th principle (Catalysis) out of 12 principles of green chemistry so as to protect environment concerned with the reduction in generation of carbon dioxide, one of the green house gas. An innovative development of chemical pathway regarding N-alkylation reaction carried out by adding and recycling only catalytic amount of Hydrotalcite as solid base instead of stoichiometric amount, as per prior art techniques, has attempted. Synthesis of 3° amines, important Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and their intermediates, maintaining the same quality attributes resulting in to minimum generation of carbon dioxide are described. These concept is designed, synthesized, characterized, quantified and compared using “Carbon Efficiency”, a Green Chemistry Metrics, with already reported work to prove its sustainability. It is industrially advantageous by getting improvement in carbon efficiency and yield as outcome. Here we show a practical greener approach towards Carbon – Nitrogen bond formation with the help of calculation of Carbon efficiency and rate of reaction for first time.