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Application of Freezing and Thawing in Apple (Malus domestica) Juice Extraction

Nadulski, Rafał, Kobus, Zbigniew, Wilczyński, Kamil, Zawiślak, Kazimierz, Grochowicz, Józef, Guz, Tomasz
Journal of food science 2016 v.81 no.11 pp. E2718
Malus domestica, acidity, antioxidant activity, apples, crushing, cultivars, enzymatic treatment, freezing, fruits, juices, liquefaction, pH, polyphenols, pressing, pulp, temperature, thawing, total soluble solids
The paper presents the results of the research on the impact of enzymatic liquefaction, freezing and thawing on the efficiency of juice pressure extraction from apple pulp and quality of the obtained juices. The research was conducted using three types of pretreatment prior the pressing: crushing and enzymatic liquefaction in temperature of 25 °C, crushing and enzymatic liquefaction in temperature of 45 °C and crushing followed by freezing and thawing of the pulp. The study included three varieties of apples. The juice was obtained using a laboratory basket press. It was determined that the pretreatment of the pulp as well as the varietal characteristics of the fruits have a significant impact on the efficiency of the pressure extraction process. The enzymatic treatment of the pulp, irrespective of the temperature at which it was conducted, significantly increased the efficiency of the process. No effect of the temperature (25 or 45 °C) of enzymatic treatment on the efficiency of the pressure extraction process was found. Pretreatment of the pulp based on freezing and thawing contributes to the increase of efficiency of pressing in the case of two apple cultivars, that is, Idared and Red Delicious. It was showed that total phenolic content, antioxidant activity, the soluble solids content and juice acidity (pH) depend on the pretreatment of the pulp and the varietal characteristics of apples. Following the application of pretreatment of the pulp, an increase was observed in the content of polyphenols and in the antioxidant activity of the juices obtained.