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The Evaluation of Activated Carbon in the Purification of Starch‐based Sweeteners

van Asbeck, T. M. W., Gouwerok, M., Polman, E.
Die Stärke = 1981 v.33 no.11 pp. 378-383
activated carbon, adsorption, benzene, decolorization, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, laboratory experimentation, manufacturing, molasses, steam, sweeteners
Activated carbon is used in the manufacture of starch‐based sweeteners such as glucose syrup, dextrose and isoglucose (HFCS) for purification and decolorization of these products. In this contribution the main production processes for activated carbon, that is steam activation and chemical activation are viewed, and the adsorptive properties of the resulting carbons are explained, based on standard adsorption tests (benzene adsorption, molasses number). Then the correlation between these properties and the aspects, that are important in the purification of starch‐based sweeteners is established. With the help of results from laboratory tests on glucose syrup using activated carbons with different adsorptive properties, their specific qualities are demonstrated, and criteria for the selection of an activated carbon are discussed. Finally some practical aspects of the application of activated carbon are viewed.